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Renew Your Mailbox with Miramar Postal Plus online!

Renew you current mailbox with Miramar Postal Plus quickly and securely below. Simply choose your renewal period and plan and click debit or credit below to flll in your payment details. PayPal account not required.

Renew Your Business or Personal Mailbox



One-Time Quick Mailbox Renewal

Choose Your Plan and Billing Period


This is a one-time payment and will be applied to your box immediately. Late fees are waived with any online payment. 

Once you have renewed:

  • we will place a printed a receipt in your mailbox at the store
  • if we have your email on file, we will email you a receipt
  • this is a one-time payment to your box, and we will place a note in your box and/or advise via email when it is due again
  • depending on the plan you chose, Miramar Postal Plus or Pacific Group West (our parent company) may appear on your debit or credit card statement

If you would prefer to have your box autorenew with each cycle, scroll to the instructions below.

Renew Your Business or Personal Mailbox - Autorenew

To make a payment to your box an have it autorenew, simply choose the plan you have and the period you would like to renew from the Renew Mailbox menu on the left. 

6 month plans come with a free extra month, and 12 month plans come with 3 months for free when you renew! When you are up for renewal, you can switch between plan cycles anytime and take advantage of the savings!

You can suspend your automatic payments anytime, or renew your plan over the phone, anytime. Just call us during business hours or email us with your request and we will make the changes for you.

Have A Question About Your Mailbox Renewal?

Call 858.566.6245 if you have any more questions about your mailbox renewal. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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